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Kids eligible for U10 must be born between 8/1/2010- 7/31/2012.  Practice and game times for summer 2021 has yet to be determined.  Season runs 5 weeks in June and July.

U10 Rules

  1. 7 players per team are allowed on the field at a time
  2. Substitutions must be during stoppage time (out of bounds, scored goal, etc.)
  3. 2 20 minute halves will be played 
  4. Teams should switch sides after half
  5. Throw-ins are awarded for balls which go out on the sidelines.  Throwers must keep both feet on ground, and bring the ball all the way behind the head.  Referees will ask the thrower to try again one time before resulting in a turnover.
  6. Goal kicks are awarded to the defending team when the ball goes out on the baseline, corner kicks are awarded to the offensive team.
  7. No offsides shall be called unless it’s obvious
  8. Coaches are not allowed on the field during live play
  9. Any player using their hands results in a free kick for the other team.  No penalty kicks.
  10.  After a goal is scored, or once a half begins, players should have a free kick from center field.
  11. Keepers are allowed to use their hands

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